Product Recommendations

March 24, 2018 Parag Thakkar

Frequently, patients ask me to recommend a blood pressure monitor or other products for home use. Following are some recommendations based on either my own research, personal use or use by the patients.
Disclaimer: I advised all patient is to do their own research and due diligence before purchasing any of these products. This recommendations are solely for informational purpose and does not necessarily constitute professional advice. 

Blood Pressure Monitor
I recommend an automatic monitor with upper arm cuff. Please do not buy wrist monitors as they are prone to user error and inaccuracy. Also measure your arm circumference before buying a monitor to make sure the cuff size is right for you. 

Overall Best Value: Omron Series 5
Best Feature: Omron 10 Series

Blood Glucose Monitor
Blood glucose monitors are generally covered by your insurance drug plan and therefore it is cheaper for you to get it from your pharmacy. However, at times, either it is not covered or the test strips are too expensive. When purchasing on your own, consider following monitors:

Larger Display and Value: Contour NEXT
Best value including cost of test strips: Care Touch