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March 4, 2018


Practice Updates

Twinkle will be leaving the practice to start her Physician Assistant schooling. Her last day at work will be March 9th. She has planned some vacations before starting her school in May. We wish her fun vacation time and a successful career ahead.

A new team member will be starting on March 12th and I will update this post in near future.

January 25, 2018


Telephone Consult

There are times when patient is either unable to come to the office for evaluation or need service outside of usual office hours. In such cases, if appropriate a telephone consultation will be performed. This includes assessment of the health condition over the phone, creating a plan of care and calling in prescription to your pharmacy (if needed). Consultation fee will be dependent on the time/effort needed and will be billed directly to you (most insurance company does not cover such services).

Please note that telephone consultation is not a substitute for office visit. You are advised to see a healthcare provider within 24-48 hours of the consultation.


June 3, 2017


Test Results

We will notify you of the test results on the patient portal with in 2 to 5 business days after we receive it unless you are scheduled for office follow up visit (in which case you will be notified at the time of visit). Do not assume that test results were normal since you were not notified.  Please contact us if you have not been notified of results in 1 to 2 weeks after test was performed.

All patients with access to internet must access test results via practice patient portal. Patients without access to internet or who are  unable access portal for other reasons will be notified of results by other means. We will no longer mail paper copies of the results.


June 3, 2017


No Show Fee

When a patient do not show up for a scheduled appointment, it creates an unused appointment slot that could have been used by other patient. This is specifically true for evening and weekend appointments.

Please call us 24 hours in advance to cancel your appointment to avoid no-show charge of $25. Leave a message on the office voicemail if calling after hours or send us an email at staff@drthakkar.com.

We understand that at times appointment has to be cancelled and will consider waiving the fee in certain situations. After repeated no-show occurrences, the practice may elect to terminate our relationship with you.


June 2, 2017


Prescription Refills

Please contact your pharmacy to request refill on your routine medications. Your pharmacy will send electronic or fax request to us which decreases rate of prescription error. This is the preferred method. You may also send message on patient portal. For urgent request, please call the office (leave a message if calling after hours).

All refill request will be addressed in 1-2 business days. Please include name of the medication, strength/dosage, quantity needed and name of pharmacy, including address or phone number.


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