Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get an appointment?
To better serve all our patients, we keep some appointment slots open for same-day appointments.

When should I arrive for my appointment?
Established patients should arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. 
New patients should arrive 15 to 20 minutes before scheduled time and bring a completed  Registration &  Health History form. 

How long will it take for my visit?
Generally, you will be seen by the doctor within 10 minutes of the scheduled time. Once you are in the exam room, a sick or follow up visit requires 15 to 35 minutes based on the complexity of the illness. An annual physical or new patient visit requires 45 to 60 minutes.

Do I need to fast for an office visit?
Generally, blood work is ordered after a visit as necessary and can be done at lab within few days after the visit. Cholesterol and diabetes check do require fasting. You may want to fast for wellness exam if you are planning to have labs drawn at the office. Please fast for 10 hours and you should drink plenty of water. You may also have coffee or tea without milk or sugar if desired.

When will I get the results of my tests?
Typically we will either post a message on your portal or contact you within 5-7 business days (unless you're scheduled for a follow-up visit in which case we will discuss it at the time of the visit). If you do not hear from us in this time frame, please feel free to call us.

What should I do for prescription refill?
Please call your pharmacy or our office at least 2-3 days in advance for any refills on regular medications. Leave a message for office staff if calling after-hours.  Refills can be also requested by sending message on the patient portal.  
When requesting a refill on a medication, please state clearly the name of the medication, dosage, quantity needed and name of the pharmacy. Ex. I need a refill of Atorvastatin 20 mg tablet, quantity 30 at Walgreens (address and/or phone number)  in Grayslake.

What does a wellness exam (Physical)  involve?
Wellness visits are focused on preventive care assessment and are generally covered by insurance once a year. It involves a review of your medical history, general physical exam, health counseling, review & update of age appropriate vaccination, cancer screening per guidelines and blood test for cholesterol/ diabetes. Please note, it does not include assessment of any other health issues or complains.  If any health issues are discovered during the wellness visit, a follow-up appointment will be advised. 

Where should I go for emergency care?
If possible, go to Advocate Condell Medical Center for all emergencies. If hospitalization is needed, I will coordinate your care with the Hospitalist (who will be in charge of your care during the hospital stay).  Once discharged from the hospital, please make appointment with me at the office so we can review the care provided during the hospital stay and address any follow-up needs.

Where should I go for urgent care?
If possible, please go to one of the Advocate Condell Immediate Care Center located in Gurnee, Round Lake Beach or Vernon Hills.

How can I get my medical records?
We will forward your relevant medical records to a consultant or specialist when needed. When transferring care to another provider or any other purpose you will be required to sign a Release of Medical Records and pay appropriate fee as allowed by Illinois state statue.